Meet the AP International Sports Editor

AP provides the broadest range of sports news of any news supplier.

Our specialist sports writers are in all the major sporting centers, from New Delhi to Rome and Melbourne to Mexico City. In the United States, AP’s sports coverage is unparalleled and deeply rooted in American culture.

Outside the United States, AP is now looking to expand our coverage to satisfy the fast-changing face of the media. Of course newspapers and broadcasters remain central to our publishing ethos, but the Internet has transformed the world and developments are coming thick and fast. While debate rages about the future of traditional media, the 'YouTube' generation is growing up fast, reading about sport on their mobiles or on their laptops. Traditional divides between news, photos, audio and video are collapsing as the new platforms enable users to look at it all at the same time.

AP is aiming its Global Sports Report at the modern user, whether they are reading the back page news in the comfort of their own home or on a crowded train. AP Global Sports Report will provide you with just about everything you can need in the way of international sports coverage. And one of the big differences is that, unlike others, the AP is accessible.

If you don't like something, call me or email me. As the Editor in charge of the report, the buck stops with me. I’ll be blogging regularly, discussing issues of the day that may be of help. If accreditation deadlines are approaching fast for a major event, the AP Global Sports Report Blog will mention it. If we get wind of a building controversy, we can chat to each other about it online. We welcome your comments.

AP’s sports writers will be in action at every major sporting event around the world. We will also be planning for the World Cup football tournament, which the rainbow nation will host in 2010. In Vancouver, we’ll be on the ground in force and up the mountains for the Winter Olympics.

Just as importantly, we are on top of every important football league, providing match coverage of many club games as well as international competition.

AP is committed to providing the best and fastest coverage, getting the real story out to subscribers the moment the final whistle blows. Our reporters know only too well that statistics are often key for sports lovers, so we provide all the facts and figures you could need.

To sum up, if you need the best international sports coverage, Talk to Us.

We will listen to your needs and make sure what we provide is what you need.

Simon Haydon
AP International Sports Editor
T: +44 (0)20 7427 4229